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October 26, 2015

Tämä tuntuu yksinkertaiselta.

Jobs Body -kirjasta poimittua:

"Taken together, the skin, the connective tissues, and the muscles offer the skilled manipulator a wide and a direct path into an individual's psychological and physical responses to the world, and the relief of local problems in these tissues can have a most profound effect upon that individual's sense of well-being and effectiveness as an organism.


We will almost never find a single discrete muscle that is tense. Rather, we will find ares of tension, or body-wide patterns of tension, whose boundaries do not necessarily follow the anatomical divisions of muscle compartments. And we will never release a single muscle, but rather we will increase a range of motion that involves several, or many, separate compartments.


The amounts of oxygen and other nutrients consumed by the muscle increases greatly when the muscle performs work rather than simply contracting without work. Monilla lihakset ovat jännittyneenä koko ajan. Erityisesti jotkut lihakset (kts. Vladimir Jandan tyypittely). Tämä tuntuu yksinkertaiselta.



Chronic muscle tensions. A muscle in a state of sustained tension is working, exerting a pull against a fixed resistance; and this very resistance is usually, of course, another muscle that is working in a static position. Therefore its nutritive needs are much more higher than if it were at rest at a neutral length, or even contracting smoothly without resistance."

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